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Speisekarte/Dinner Entrée’sAll Meals Served With a Cup of Soup  Or German Salad Plate. Choice of sides include fried potato orspaetzle. Choice of red cabbage or sauerkraut. Meals served with one complimentary Gluten Free Bread. 
(3) Ziguener Schnitzel          $19.95Red Peppers, Onion, and Mushroom Tomato Wine Sauce Covering a Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork
(5) Wiener Schnitzel               $19.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Garnished w/Lemon
(7) Ala Holstein- Topped With a Fried Egg   $20.95
(9) Chicken Rahm Schnitzel   $18.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast Covered in Cream Sauce   
(10) Veal Rahm                         $20.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Covered in Cream Sauce
(11) Jäger Schnitzel                   $18.95Green Peppers, Onion and Mushroom White Wine Sauce Covering a Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork Cutlet 
 (13) Chicken Paprika Schnitzel  $18.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast Covered in Paprika Sauce
(14) Veal Paprika Schnitzel         $20.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Covered in Paprika Sauce 
 (15) Hühner Schnitzel                  $17.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast
(17) Schweine Schnitzel                $17.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork Cutlet
 Traditional German Favorites 
(1)Bavaria Hof Sampler                   $23.95*Caution Remove Toothpick Before Eating                                           

Pork Roast, Beef Roulade, & Bratwurst. Served with Spaetzle & Fried Potato, red cabbage & sauerkraut

(20) RindsRouladen                          $19.95           *Caution Remove Toothpick Before Eating-Two Beef Rolls Stuffed With Pickle, Diced Onion, Chopped German Bacon & Mustard. Topped With Rouladen Beef Sauce
(21) Sauerbraten                                     $19.95We take the time to marinate this specialty for 5 days & prepare it to perfection. Sour & Tart Sliced Roast Beef Topped with Sauerbraten Gravy
(25)Schweinebraten                        $17.95Sliced Pork  Roast with Gravy 
 (27) Hackbraten                              $16.95German Meatloaf With Gravy
 (29) Hungarian Goulash                 $17.95Tender Pieces Of Beef in Hungarian Paprika Sauce, Not Spicy but Boasting in Flavor
 (31)Cordon Bleu                         $20.95Tender Chicken or Pork Cutlet Stuffed With Smoked Ham & Swiss Cheese & Pan Fried 
(50) Kassler Rippchen                      $19.95Bone-In Juicy Smoked Pork Chops Topped With Sautéed Onions
 (51)Frikadellen                                 $16.95Ground Pork & Beef Patties Covered in Gravy & Caramelized Onions  
 (55) Eisbein                                      $18.95Pork Shank Topped With Grilled Onions
                   Sausage Platters
Garnished With Spicy Brown German Mustard. Served with warm German potato salad and choice of red cabbage or sauerkraut
 (37)SausagePlatte                          $18.95 1 Bratwurst, 1 Knackwurst, & 1 Thüringer
 (39) Bayrische Brotzeit                 $19.95 1 Bratwurst, 1 Knackwurst, 1 Thüringer & 1 Boneless Kassler
(41) Weisswurst                                $16.95 2 Veal Sausages w/ Parsley Boiled
 (43) Traditional Bratwurst             $16.95  2 Veal
  (45) Knackwurst                             $16.95 2 Beef Garlic Sausages 
  (47)Thüringer                                   $16.95  2 Smoked Sausages, These have a slight spicy kick!

Vorspeisen ( Appetizers)

Herring ( Wine or Cream Sauce)           $8.95

Tomato Mozzarella Basil Salad            $8.95

Potato Pancakes(4) w/ Sour Cream

Or Apple Sauce( allow 20 min)             $9.95

Landjaegers (pair beefsticks)                  $5.50

Suppen (Soups)                      Cup     Bowl

Soup of the Day                       $3.50   $4.50



Ask server for available desserts!

 Side Dishes

Spätzle ( Egg Noodle)                         $4.00

Sauerkraut                                            $4.00

Red Cabbage                                        $4.50

German Potato Salad                           $4.00

Fried Potatoes                                      $4.00

Gluten free biscuit                                $2.00

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