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Speisekarte/Dinner Entrée’sAll Meals Served With a Cup of Soup of the Day Or German Salad Plate. Choice of sides include fried potato, spaetzle or bread dumpling. Choice of red cabbage or sauerkraut
(3) Ziguener Schnitzel          $18.95Red Peppers, Onion, and Mushroom Tomato Wine Sauce Covering a Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork
(5) Wiener Schnitzel               $19.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Garnished w/Lemon
(7) Ala Holstein- Topped With a Fried Egg   $20.95
(9) Chicken Rahm Schnitzel   $18.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast Covered in Cream Sauce   
(10) Veal Rahm                         $20.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Covered in Cream Sauce
(11) Jäger Schnitzel                   $18.95Green Peppers, Onion and Mushroom White Wine Sauce Covering a Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork Cutlet 
 (13) Chicken Paprika Schnitzel  $18.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast Covered in Paprika Sauce
(14) Veal Paprika Schnitzel         $20.95Tender Breaded Pan Fried Veal Cutlet Covered in Paprika Sauce 
 (15) Hühner Schnitzel                  $17.95 Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Chicken Breast
(17) Schweine Schnitzel                $17.95Boneless Breaded Pan Fried Pork Cutlet
 Traditional German Favorites 
(1)Bavaria Hof Sampler                   $23.95*Caution Remove Toothpick Before Eating                                           

Pork Roast, Beef Roulade, & Bratwurst

With Spätzle & Bread Dumpling.Red Cabbage and Sauerkraut 
(20) RindsRouladen                          $19.95           *Caution Remove Toothpick Before Eating-Two Beef Rolls Stuffed With Pickle, Diced Onion, Chopped German Bacon & Mustard. Topped With Rouladen Beef Sauce
(21) Sauerbraten                                     $19.95We take the time to marinate this specialty for 5 days & prepare it to perfection. Sour & Tart Sliced Roast Beef Topped with Sauerbraten Gravy
(25)Schweinebraten                        $17.95Sliced Pork  Roast with Gravy 
 (27) Hackbraten                              $16.95German Meatloaf With Gravy
 (29) Hungarian Goulash                 $17.95Tender Pieces Of Beef in Hungarian Paprika Sauce, Not Spicy but Boasting in Flavor
 (31)Cordon Bleu                         $20.95Tender Chicken or Pork Cutlet Stuffed With Smoked Ham & Swiss Cheese & Pan Fried
 (35) Leberkäse                                  $17.95Veal Loaf Slices Topped With Caramelized Onions
(36) Ala Holstein-Topped With a Fried Egg      $18.95 
(50) Kassler Rippchen                      $19.95Bone-In Juicy Smoked Pork Chops Topped With Sautéed Onions
 (51)Frikadellen                                 $16.95Ground Pork & Beef Patties Covered in Gravy & Caramelized Onions  
 (55) Eisbein                                      $18.95Pork Shank Topped With Grilled Onions
                   Sausage Platters
Garnished With Spicy Brown German Mustard. Served with warm German potato salad and choice of red cabbage or sauerkraut
 (37)SausagePlatte                          $18.95 1 Bratwurst, 1 Knackwurst, & 1 Thüringer
 (39) Bayrische Brotzeit                 $19.95 1 Bratwurst, 1 Knackwurst, 1 Thüringer & 1 Boneless Kassler
(41) Weisswurst                                $16.95 2 Veal Sausages w/ Parsley Boiled
 (43) Traditional Bratwurst             $16.95  2 Veal or Pork Bratwurst 
  (45) Knackwurst                             $16.95 2 Beef Garlic Sausages 
  (47)Thüringer                                   $16.95 2 Smoked Sausages, These have a slight spicy kick!

Vorspeisen ( Appetizers)

Herring ( Wine or Cream Sauce)           $8.95 

Tomato Mozzarella Basil Salad            $8.95

Potato Pancakes(4) w/ Sour Cream &

Apple Sauce                                           $10.95

Landjaegers (pair beefsticks)                  $5.95

Bavarian Style Pretzel                             $8.95

 Suppen (Soups)                      Cup     Bowl

Soup of the Day                       $3.50   $4.50

Goulash Soup                          $5.00   $6.00

Liver Dumpling Soup              $4.50   $5.50


Apfel Strudel ( Apple)              $4.95

Blueberry Strudel                      $4.95


 Side Dishes

Semmel Knödel

(Bread Dumpling)                            $4.50

Spätzle ( Egg Noodle)                         $4.00

Sauerkraut                                            $4.00

Red Cabbage                                        $4.50

German Potato Salad                           $4.50

 Fried Potatoes                                      $4.00